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The Cologne Declaration on Industrial Hemp

On 5-9 June, European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) held the largest conference on industrial hemp of all time and worldwide in Cologne, Germany. One of the highlights of the event was the issuance of the ‘Cologne Declaration’. Signed by nearly 200 participants of the conference held, the Cologne Declaration is the hemp industry’s call for […]

Advantages of Hemp Clothing for You and the Environment

For centuries hemp has served as a source of fibre.  Up until the wake of the 20th century  the potential of the Cannabis Sativa species as a fibrous crop had been so prevalent, that even today the terms “fibrous hemp”, “industrial hemp” and “hemp” as such are being used interchangeably. There even were periods in […]

Earliest Evidence of Cannabis Use Found in China

As the Science Advances reports, the earliest known evidence of cannabis use has been recently uncovered in the Pamir Mountains in Western China. The study suggests the psychoactive variety of the Cannabis plant was being smoked at least 2,500 years ago, and that it may have been associated with ritual or religious activities. Although the […]

Celebrating Hemp History Week

From 3 to 9 June, the hemp industry has been celebrating the 10th annual ‘Hemp History Week’. Hemp History Week is the largest educational campaign about hemp in the U.S. The campaign aims to raise awareness about environmental sustainability, health benefits, regenerative agriculture potential, and new technological applications of industrial hemp. This annual event is […]

FDA’s First-Ever Public Hearing on CBD

Last Friday, 31 May, the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), held its first-ever public hearing on CBD and cannabinoids. Over 120 farmers, scientists and consumer advocates, among them Medical Marijuana’s Dr. Stewart Titus, testified for ten straight hours. The vast majority called for clear rules on CBD, pressing the FDA to move quickly, whatever […]

Hemp & CBD on the First Page of Iceland’s Biggest Newspaper

On 30 May, CBD and hemp were featured in the long article on the first pages of Fréttablaðið – the biggest Icelandic newspaper. The in-depth article by Gunnþórunn Jónsdóttir included a brief history of hemp, explained in detail the differences between hemp and marijuana, and quoted Kannaway’s Janne Heimonen: “Hemp is the oldest plant that […]

Bulgaria First EU Country to Authorise the Sale of CBD

The demand for hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD, has increased exponentially in recent years due to a large onslaught of published studies and media coverage reporting on the benefits of this non-intoxicating compound. Despite its effectiveness, CBD still inhabits a grey area when it comes to legality. While the legal status of CBD is still up […]

Get the facts: Dr. Stuart Titus webinar recap

Medical Marijuana, Inc CEO Dr. Stuart Titus hosted a webinar on Kannaway US’ Wednesday Webinar series. The webinar was recorded and is available for you to enjoy. This in-depth broadcast was extremely informative with Dr. Stuart Titus covering the following topics: US prohibition of cannabis to end soon; the 2018 US Farm bill: introduction to the medical […]