What is Hempcrete?

Hemp can become a crucial element of reaching United Kingdom’s self-imposed goal to make the agricultural sector carbon neutral by 2040, UK’s National Farming Union (NFU) report suggests.

The report, “Achieving Net Zero: Farming’s 2040 Goal,” urges farmers to grow hemp for the production of hempcrete. The Net Zero mechanism the British scientists are counting for is fairly simple: not only does the hemp plant absorb CO2 as it grows in the field, it also continues to do so after installing in walls made of hempcrete.

What is Hempcrete?

The report points out specifically to the most popular hemp-derived building material – the hempcrete. Hempcrete is an infill material made from hemp hurds mixed with a lime-based binder and water.

Hempcrete is only about fifteen per cent as dense as concrete – hempcrete blocks will actually float in water! This rare property makes building blocks made of hempcrete light, and convenient to use. On top of it, the significant portion of trapped air in hempcrete makes it a good insulator for both heat and noise. The material is also resistant to mould, and fire-resistant.


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