CBD Legality And Kannaway Austria

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CBD Legality And Kannaway Austria

Is Hemp & CBD legal in Austria?

Legal Status: Yes

If you found this article you are probably looking for some information regarding CBD & Hemp based products and companies that provide them in Austria. There are some questions regarding CBD and Europe and Austria in particular that we will cover in this article. Topics such as: 

  • – Is CBD legal in Austria?
  • – Is CBD considered food or medicine?
  • – What are Novel Foods?
  • – Why Consider Kannaway Austria?

Is CBD Legal in Austria?

So you might have seen or come into contact with CBD products and it’s peaked your interest. The one question you probably will ask yourself, based on glancing through the internet, and on account of CBD and hemp products being discussed in the media quite frequently… “is it legal to sell in Austria?” The quick uncomplicated easy answer is yes! We’ll be looking at one company in particular, Kannaway and their products, like the CBD Oil Kannaway Pure Gold and explain why it is completely legal to both consume and sell their products in Austria.

CBD Food not Medicine

CBD is legal in Austria based on the fact that it is labeled as a type of food and not medicine, whatever someone says contradicting that. There have been reports in the Austrian media stating that it is not, but they are incorrect. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Consumer protection issued a decree that the media reported as a change of law but this is not so. A decree means “an official statement that something must happen”, that is not the same as the law actually having changed. This resulted in some authorities at local levels making visits to shops to inform shopkeepers that they were selling “illegal” products. The shopkeepers who kept their cool and were well informed of the difference between a law and a decree, stood their ground and knew that the authorities were wrong. They are still in business and keep selling CBD and hemp based products.

What are Novel Foods?

Another thing to consider that might well come up in a discussion or an online search is the “Novel Foods Catalogue”. This is basically a database that lists ingredients or food products that have been widely in use in Europe prior to 1 May 1997. This is not a legal document. The EU legal entity here is The Novel Foods Act. This might be a bit confusing. There was a change made in January 2019 in where hemp products, who clearly and very well documented had been in use prior to 1 May 1997, was changed from “non novel” food to “novel” level. The difference here is that a “non novel” category food does not need pre market authorization where a “novel” might. This move was most likely a result of lobbyism from certain states and organizations as is quite common when a new potentially dominating product arrives that many people can benefit from. The authorities are usually ten steps behind the development but nevertheless want to make sure that they can benefit taxwise from said products. Their first step is usually to try to enforce a type of “ban” or implement “scare-tactics” to give them time to understand the facts. It is therefore important to be informed as to what is the correct status of all things. It is very important to understand that CBD and hemp can not be advertised as medicine. Anyone selling or promoting such products should not be making any claims or associate CBD or Hemp products with medical use or benefits.

Kannaway Lifestyle

Kannaway is a direct selling company producing and selling hemp based products. And as such is the first Hemp based direct selling company to operate in Europe as of its launch in 2018. Since Kannaway launched in Europe, it has seen tremendous growth where Austria has turned out to be its biggest market with tens and thousands of satisfied customers.

Kannaway focuses on educational events and meetings in Austria where the recommendation of the product from consumer to consumer is key. And this by law, is legal to do in Austria with Kannaways products. There is no reason at this point, not to be part of such a great product and opportunity, based on the unclear and so far, unlawful rulings by the Austrian government even though they try to scare people off.

Kannaway is a direct sales company, which is a business model that suits a lot of people with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to break free from the traditional job environment. It is an opportunity that does not require big investments or carries with it overhead costs as everything is already in place. Products, logistics, and a way of compensating the person who promotes the products by way of networking. The amount of growth that Austria has seen proves Kannaway is to be considered as a serious well run company that offers quality CBD products as well as a business opportunity for those who are interested in more than just the products. Some people are already truly enjoying the benefits of the products as well as the income it provides to live the Kannaway Lifestyle.

Based on the fact that Kannaway products like the Pure Gold CBD Oil is offered as a lifestyle product and not promoted as a medicine it is completely legal for you to both consume and sell their CBD products in Austria.

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