EIHA Calls For Clear Regulations On Hemp Cosmetics

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EIHA Calls For Clear Regulations On Hemp Cosmetics


The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) has recently challenged the changes to EU regulations on cosmetics proposed earlier this year by the EU Working Group on Cosmetic Products. In its 8-pages long position paper, EIHA notes that the current proposal by the Working Group to update the Cosmetic Ingredients Database (Cosing) fails to align EU rules with the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Moreover, according to EIHA’s stance, the restrictions implied by the new proposal would result in creating regulations specific to CBD, and CBD only.

“Taking such steps undermines the WHO’s recent scientific assessment of CBD, and its recommendation that it should not fall under the scope of the Single Convention […] Worst, this seems to go in the exact opposite direction of the global trend, where countries from China to the United States of America are reforming their hemp laws towards simplification, to support a constantly growing hemp market” – EIHA’s paper reads.

In its call for clear and coherent regulation, EIHA suggested that industrial hemp extracts and pure CBD should not be prohibited from use in cosmetic products unless they are not manufactured in compliance with laws in a country of origin.

EIHA proposed new wording for Cannabidiol one that would take into account its legality. In addition to that, EIHA suggested adding the following three categories as new INCI entries in the Cosing database: Cannabis Sativa leaf extract; Cannabis Sativa leaf/stem extract; Cannabis Sativa root extract.

Note: As it was the case of the ‘Novel Food Catalogue’, it is important to bear in mind that the Cosing database is not a legally binding document.

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The topic of CBD in cosmetics will be discussed at EIHA’s workshop in Cologne starting this Tuesday, 17 September.

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