EIHA’s Call To Action

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EIHA’s Call To Action


On 15 July, The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)  issued a call to its members as to help defend its position: that CBD and extracts from hemp leaves and flowers should not fall under EU ‘Novel Food’ regime.

“These restrictions have a significant negative impact on our industry, and on the CBD and food sectors specifically,” EIHA said in a Call to Action distributed to its nearly 300 members this week.

EIHA called its stakeholders to contribute any historical examples or references from their countries which illustrate that hemp flowers and leaves were commonly consumed as food throughout European history (up to the year 1997). This excludes hemp foods based on seeds and is primarily about extracts from flowers and leaves.

“We know there is a colourful and rich history of hemp flowers and leaves in hemp food, nation by nation, and region by region,” EIHA said in the call.

EIHA has already collected over 20 pieces of historical evidence, and you can find here. It also lists some of them in its in-depth position paper “Status of Hemp Extracts in Europe,” that’s been in distribution among European media and stakeholders since May 2019.

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