FDA’s First-Ever Public Hearing On CBD

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FDA’s First-Ever Public Hearing On CBD


Last Friday, 31 May, the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), held its first-ever public hearing on CBD and cannabinoids.

Over 120 farmers, scientists and consumer advocates, among them Medical Marijuana’s Dr. Stewart Titus, testified for ten straight hours. The vast majority called for clear rules on CBD, pressing the FDA to move quickly, whatever it decides.

During the hearing, one of the subjects most commonly addressed was the prevalence of unprofessional companies entering the market, as exemplified by the growing problem of mislabelling CBD products.

After the hearing, the FDA convened a working group led by Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy to explore ways CBD products can be sold legally. Abernethy also summed up the main points made during the hearing:

“Key questions about product safety need to be addressed. Data is needed to determine safety thresholds for CBD…There are both positive supporters of cannabis-cannabis derived products, including CBD and also concerned citizens worried that widely available products could be harmful.”

The FDA has set a deadline of 2 July for written comments on the issue. Only after that, the final opinion on how to regulate the CBD market in the US can be expected.

FDA’s call to agree on clear rules on CBD on a federal level mirrors, to some extent, the need for a precise regulatory framework within the EU. The FDA hearing can hopefully inspire similar public testimony in Europe and pave the way for just, safe, and equal rules for CBD products in Europe.”

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