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Hemp for Humanity Webinar


Join us for our upcoming Hemp for Humanity Webinar. As a leader in the hemp industry, Kannaway initiated the Hemp for Humanity project early 2019 when some European governments started a period of very tough activities against the hemp community and businesses such as ours.
We took up the fight, never gave up and have won several important battles since then which has secured the legality of hemp extracts across the European Union.

Our movement to protect access to hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD as a fundamental human right around the world continues and we invite you to join our next webinar for important update on this topic.

This live online event is open to anyone interested in hemp and how we can all be part of a growing movement, bringing the benefits of this wondrous cannabis plant around the world. We will cover the latest developments on the regulatory side of things but also hemp’s role in sustainability, health, community, and business. We’ll also highlight the biggest current events in the world of hemp.

This live Hemp for Humanity event is hosted by Kannaway Europe Managing Director Janne Heimonen, who will be joined by highly esteemed guests and experts who are passionate advocates for the hemp industry.

At this live online webinar, you can expect to:

  • Watch as Professor Aneta Ptaszyńska shares her exciting new research on CBD’s protective benefits for honey bees and how important it is for our eco system
  • Enjoy a round up of the latest important legalisation and regulatory news from EIHA’s Managing Director, Lorenza Romaneset speaker Þórunn Þórs Jónsdóttir founded the Icelandic Hemp Association and has been at the forefront of some exciting developments
  • Hear from Brian Higuera, President of ECHO Connection, a non-profit organisation that guides special needs families who are desperate for the effects of hemp’s cannabinoids
  • Listen to advances for legality of hemp in Iceland, a journey that started with Kannaway co-hosting a Hemp for Humanity event in Reykjavik in 2019. Our guest speaker Þórunn Þórs Jónsdóttir founded the Icelandic Hemp Association and has been at the forefront of some exciting developments
  • And much more!


Thursday 18 March, 20:00 CET
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89251446820

The event will be held in English with interpreting channel available in German.

Be sure to share this event with anyone interested in hemp and don’t forget to mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you there!

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