Hemp Industry Representatives Spoke In European Parliament

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Hemp Industry Representatives Spoke In European Parliament


On 12 December, Hemp Industry Representatives spoke in European Parliament at a special event on “The State of Hemp in Europe” held in Brussels, Belgium.

The event, hosted by Italian Members of the European Parliament and TV personality Dino Giarrusso, highlighted the European hemp sector and its transformation, challenges and opportunities ahead of a new legislature.

Present among speakers were Lorenza Romanese, Managing Director of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), Hana Gabrielova, CEO of Czech company Hempoint, and Janne Heimonen, Managing Director of Kannaway Europe, the major consumer brand represented at the event.

The event centred around the challenges and opportunities faced by the hemp industry. One of such challenges is the ongoing misunderstanding around the Novel Food Catalogue issue, a legal conundrum dismantled swiftly by EIHA’s Lorenza Romanese.

As the #EUGreenDeal had been proposed shortly before the event, many of the speeches focused on sustainability and hemp’s role in EU sustainability goals.

The event concluded with an extensive round of Q&A which included queries from attendees from Italy, Czech Republic and Poland.

Source: PR Newswire Press Release

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